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Next up - BEC Tero

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Assuming the curfew is lifted and the situation is stabalised enough, Muangthong will play BEC Tero Sasana at the Thunderdome this Sunday. It's a coming of age for me, as this will be the first time I have seen the same league fixture more than once.

BEC Tero are a giant of Thai football and before its boom of the last two years or so, they achieved some of the biggest crowds and most glamorous kits. They had a contract with Arsenal FC, allowing them to imitate the 'Gunners' kit and overall look.

However, Tero look to have fallen behind the pack just slightly as Thai football continues to grow. The Thephasadin Stadium is now their temporary home, as their usual home, the Nonjok Stadium looks rather rickety, old and small. Away support for Tero is relatively small.

That said, the team are still formidable and the management of the club includes a media station and member of the TFA board, and the 'Fire Dragons' still have a good sized hardcore support.

Quick facts:

1) Tero currently sit in eleventh place in the table, but this is because they have missed more games than any other team, due to their proximity to the political clashes.

2) Jakkaphan Kaewprom moved from Tero to MTU in close season, but has seen little action so far. Will he play a part in this fixture?

3) Tero player Thritti Nonsrichai became a hero to many when he made the hand rubbing "money money money" gesture to PEA Buriram players and staff after scoring against them (see it here).

Fan interview

I interviewed PJ, a member of the 'Ultra Fire Dragons' ahead of Sunday's clash. PJ told me his English wasn't great but he tried hard to answer. We appreciate it, PJ!

1) What is your nickname ?

'The Reds' is my fans nickname

2) How long have your fans supported BEC Tero and why did you choose that team?

Some One over 10 years Some one was begin to cheer
[Some fans have supported Tero for over ten years, others are new fans]

3) This season you had problems for home games because of the political situation. Has this hurt the team or the fans?

No problem [for the team or fans] We understand for This problem [of the political unrest]

4) Tero used to be the biggest team in Thailand, but perhaps now they are not. What can Tero do to be the biggest team again?

Yep! Tero Used to a biggest team but now we're not. But we are happy because we have a real fans and real supporters and in the future we think the tero have a plans to promote and ready to come back as biggest team again (but not bigger than MTUTD)

5) Who are your favourite players?

Any players We Love Bec tero sasana players

6) What do you think of Muangthong United fans and the team?

mtutd is Super Star Team And and lucky because they have Hi-So ['High Society' , rich, trendy] fans.

7) What do you think the score will be on Sunday?

I can not think for score But i wanna see my team Win Over Mtutd

8)Do you have anything to say to MTU fans?
We Are Real Supporters ULTRAS FIRE DRAGON! Thank you. I am not good in English hope you can understand

Thanks again and good luck PJ!

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