Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Thai Rath report

Thanks to the folk at Harrow for the heads up.

From Thai Rath Newspaper, 24th November 2009

Datsakorn returns to Thailand

Datsakorn Tonglao, the 26 year old captain of the Thai National Team has turned down the opportunity to extend his contract with the Vietnamese team, Hong Han Ya Lai. Instead he has decided to return home to Thailand and take up the offer of joining Muang Thong United for next season’s bid to defend the Premiership. He will sign a 2 year contract with the Muang Thong United club on the 1st of January 2010. One of the main reasons for his decision to return to Thailand is to be back with his daughter and family.

Port FC are currently in negotiations to secure the signing of an ex-player of theirs, Sarayut Chaikamdee, whose current contract with OSOTSPA M-150 is about to expire. The Port FC club, have the intention of Sarayut playing alongside their other new striker, Sompong Sorlep, who has transferred from Chula United recently to join the Port FC squad.

Clubs have used this off-season time to shop around for players and have been on the lookout for new talent to add to their teams with a view to success in next year’s season. Port FC the winners of last year’s Thai Com Foundation FA Cup, have been pro-active in adding to their team, strikers in particular, in preparation for the AFC Cup 2010 where they will represent Thailand.

Satsom Popprasert, the Head Coach of Port FC, in a recent interview stated, “I have requested an additional budget of 5 million baht from the Chairman, Pichet Munkong, in order to buy new players for the positions we need to fill. The 3 players we have secured are, Sompong Sorlep the Chula United striker, Chakkrit Boonkam the winger from OSOTSPA M-150 team and Nontapan Chiensatawong the former Nakon Pathom wingback. We are aiming to add two more players from TTM Samut Sakon player, Jetsada Bunruengrod and Worawut Wangsawad, we are currently in discussion about their possible transfer.”

As mentioned above, Chairman Pichet is also negotiating the acquisition of the OSOTSPA striker, Sarayut Chaikamdee, whose current contract is up at the end of December this year. The reports are that he will not extend his contract with the OSOTSPA club, but will instead return to join his old team at Port FC, where he and the other newly appointed Port FC striker, Sompong Sorlep, will create an efficient and formidable goal scoring team.

As we look forward to next season for Muang Thong United, they have quite a task ahead. They will be looking to defend their position as holders of the Thai Premier League Championship whilst also competing for the first time in the AFC Champion League. The team has recently added some new players, including Jakkapan Kaewprom, the talented BEC Tero mid-fielder. The Muang Thong club has also accomplished their aim of getting Datsakorn Tonglao to join them as he returns to Thailand after his stint with the Vietnamese team, Hong Han Ya Lai. The offer of up to 15 million baht from the Vietnamese side was not enough to tempt Datsakorn to stay on and extend his contract, as he chose to return to Thailand and be with his daughter and family instead. The official signing of Datsakorn to Muang Thong United will take place on the first of January 2010. His current contract with Hong Han Ya Lai ends at the end of December this year; he will sign a 2 year contract with his new club, Muang Thong United.

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  1. Cheers Greg!

    One of the players mentioned has already signed for P.E.A, and you lot have signed Jakkapan Kaewprom from under our noses.

    Maybe our transfer policy should be more covert!