Thursday, 26 November 2009

10 Questions with Jakkapan Kaewprom

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10 Questions with Jakkapan Kaewprom

Note, (Jakkapan Kaewprom), one of the club’s new players has just joined the ‘Twin Gilen’ making the move from his previous team, BEC Tero Sasana to join Muang Thong United for next season. He was interviewed by the club on a variety of issues, including his current form and how he is getting to know his new team mates.

1. Tell us about yourself

- I am from Buri Ram, I’m 21 years old. I am 169cm tall and weigh 65 kg.

2. What made you become a footballer and when did you start playing?

- I started playing at my first school, Suphan Buri sports school. Then I was chosen for the Thai National Youth team when I was 14, 17 and then again at 20 years old.

3. What do you think about being picked to join Muang Thong United?

- I am really pleased that the club were interested in signing me. I see it as a positive challenge for me as the team’s players are so talented.

4. Do you think you will make it into the first eleven?

- For myself I am prepared to do whatever I can to help the team, but ultimately it is up to the coach as to who he wants to choose.

5. What about the team’s desire to defend the Thai Premier League Championship next season?

- We need to give it our all in each and every match. My strength is on the right wing, but I am happy to be in the mid-field too.

6. How do you think Muang Thong United will do in the AFC Champions League?

- Our success in the AFC will be decided game by game, as all the teams are strong. We can’t afford to be careless.

7. How can your experience benefit the team?

- I feel I have a good background to draw on, both from my time in the National youth teams and my previous club, which I can use to help the team.

8. What are your hopes for success in next season?

- Firstly I want to defend Muang Thong’s position as the Premier League champions and aim for a win in the FA Cup too.

9. Who do you see as a possible threat in the Premier League?

- Probably BEC Tero Sasana and Bangkok Glass are our main competition, because they have just added some talented new players and they also have the finances to add more.

10. Do you have any message for the Muang Thong fans?

- I only ask that the fans give me lots of support as I am a newbie in the team and give me a chance to find my footing with my new club. I am sure that I can make a positive contribution to the team’s successes!

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