Monday, 23 November 2009

The pitch and behind the scenes

"It's a wriggler this one!"

The pitch at The Thunderdome has been a focal point for everyone from Bryan Robson to the lady selling somtam outside during the last few weeks. During the Rajpracha Vs Loei City game, I was convinced someone would suffer a serious injury on the water-logged surface. (I was relieved to be proven wrong about that, but it's still a risk).

And while I'm mentioning the bits I got wrong, I wrongly stated a new pitch had been laid down after the final Muangthong game of the season. The correct situation is this: a new pitch has been ordered. When 'installed' the contractors will also do some digging to implement a drainage system at the stadium. It's a big job and will be a race against time to be ready for the new season.

As previously mentioned, Robert and Co. at the club have a lot going on behind the scenes as they aim to stay at the forefront of the Thai football explosion. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hi Greg, about the pitch they just improve the drainage for this season. I read it somewhere that they're going to ripped the old turf out then fully rebuilt it at the end of this season.

    keep up the good work mate