Sunday, 13 January 2013

Teerasil's Spanish adventure or quick holiday?

Lots of coverage of Teerasil’s arrival, reception and welcome at Athletico has circulated in Thailand as the brilliant striker embarks on his Spanish adventure. It’s notable that Muangthong have already rebutted suggestions that the move is a “publicity stunt”.

Time will tell if this is the case, but it’s hard not to be cynical. One the one hand, it’s notable that MU are already being linked with other relatively high profile signings and like any Quilins fan, I rate Teerasil hugely and I know he’s capable of playing against top sides. But then, I also know how MTU and Thai clubs operate in general. I remember the club circulating pictures of  Pires, Del Piero and others, when - as history shows - contract talks were preliminary if they existed atall. It’s simply a hype game. This is in contrast to the tactic of bigger UK clubs who often use the media to unsettle/attract a player they genuinely wish to sign.

It’s not outrageous to suggest this latest trial is in the interests of swelling the striker’s value. But even if this is the case, let’s hope the European trip provides more benefits than the Manchester City debacle. A club like Athletico could provide top notch training and experience to Mui, whatever the final outcome.

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