Thursday, 18 October 2012

N-Zone and Ultra Stand

Cheering and jeering for SCG Muang Thong United

When I saw this headline in the BP I feared another piece of Tor Chittinand "journalism", but it turns out to be an interesting video with good translation.

I covered this a long time before the mainstream media picked up on it. I know both of the supporter's group leaders in the video and I think they both make very good points. Its interesting that the Ultra leader i particular clearly isn't happy with the opposing view but because he's Thai, doesn't directly criticise individuals or name names. What it boils down to is this - do N-zone fans go beyond acceptable behaviour? Having been in the n-zone for well over one season, I can honestly say I've never, ever seen any violent behaviour beyond one internal punch up that lasted one minute. However, I've heard reports from fans of other teams that they've had items thrown at them, etc. though these reports have never, ever to my knowledge been supported by any evidence. I stand to be corrected. Jeering and taunting opposition fans or players is not very nice but it is part of the game in many countries. If home fans don't like this, they have any zone except the n-zone to sit in. However, any kind of behaviour that is remotely physical or threatening is simply wrong and shouldn't be allowed. most n-zoners I know, including the leaders, agree with me on this.

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