Tuesday, 9 October 2012

MTU 3 Esan Utd 0

From such games are titles won.

We looked a little tired, not at our best and occasionally shaky at the back, yet we still got a very comfortable win against a decent Esan side. An own goal and a brace from my Man of the Match Paulo were the difference makers. Other impressive performances included Jakkaphan Pornsai who has really lifted his game this season and another battling show from Siaka, whom my gut instinct says will head out at the end of the season despite being one of the group chosen for a five year contract one year ago.

A strong rumour suggests Mario is being offered big money for a long term contract.

In other news - the club are launching a pre-pre-season ticket reservation package in which, basically, season tickets can be reserved early.

If we beat TOT away tomorrow and Chonburi lose to Esan, we have the title.
Great work, guys, keep it up, we're almost there!

Photo: Jirawat (more crowd shots here)

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