Thursday, 20 September 2012

TOT 2 (4) MTU 2 (3)

This was an exciting cup-tie that must have provided plenty of interest for neutral observers. Much of it played according to expectation, with MTU piling on early pressure with an attacking lineup. The script was only broken when TOT hit an almost-instant reply to Paulo’s opener. A great free kick by Mario restored the lead but TOT once again hit back with a second goal from Paunovic.
From then on we piled on the pressure and forced several good stops from Weera - ironically, on loan from us and allowed to play against us! - to no avail. In the dying moments we were treated to one of those “cup tie moments” when our goalie Amarin went up for a corner.

Credit to TOT who matched us in every department through both legs and deserved this win. Most of our squad played very well and looked very committed on the night. My only concern is our signing from Thai Port, Ekapoom, who strikes me as a “luxury” player who’s happy to perform neat footwork when things are going well but even allowing for his small frame, seems far too happy to go down when the pressure is on.

The only downside of this fixture was some very unsporting behaviour on both sides, including pulling down a player's shorts at a vital moment (funny, yes, acceptable, no) and lots of aggressive behaviour. As far as I'm concerned, if it's on camera (which it is) why on earth should players be allowed to get away with it?

Man of the match: 
Datsakorn Thonglao provided a gritty performance in midfield to engineer most of our attacks.

Photo credits: Jirawat Srikong


  1. Did you get a look at Mario's called-back goal? I haven't found any replays of it. I'd also like to see that foul on Paulo that earned the free kick right on the edge of the area.

  2. Yeh Mario’s disallowed goal was the correct decision. The goalie had his hands on the ball and there was questionable contact even before that. Mario had no malice at all but the ref was right to disallow it.

    Paulo’s free kick was very fortunate, it was a clean tackle that cleared the ball.

  3. Fair enough. It was a very fun but tense game. I'll be looking forward to going back there in few weeks. TOT have a great little stadium!