Thursday, 2 August 2012

MTU 2 Hat Yai 1

Looks like we underestimated the D2 team from the deeply troubled region of Hat Yai yesterday. Don't get me wrong, we have quality in our reserve squad but I wonder if we dodn't give them 100% respect.

A late goal from HY was cancelled out by a penalty awrded to MTU and the response from the away fans was predictable. I totally understand their despair and sense of indignation - the clip below shows it was a lucky penalty, but they had some lucky decisions, too, including a saved penalty - but that does not excuse the actions of the team or the fans. Hat Yai's number 7, in particular, should be dealt with.

In both cases this is now becoming commonplace in Thailand and I worry that before long - if it hasn't happened already - people will culturally assimilate it, i.e. they'll just shrug and say "That's how Thai fans do things". The TFA needs to deal with this by handing out harsh punishments whenever it happens. The more often these incidents go unpunished or with a tiny, insignificant fine, the harder it becomes to deal with it in future.

Congratulations to Paulo for his goal.

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  1. #7 was dangerous last night. If he thought he was fouled and he didn't get the call, he went charging or sliding through the next MTU player he came across. Plus his treatment of the refs was terrible. Him and #13 should face some kind of discipline, along with Hat Yai's coaching staff.