Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Chonburi 2 Muangthong United 2 - report

Apologies for not reporting on the big game earlier. Actually perhaps I should say "Super Big Match" as it was billed by the Thai media, who have a knack of creating such lovable yet cringe-makingly naive tags. The Man U Vs Liverpool game is billed in True Visions Magazine as the "Mega Red War" for another example.

Chonburi predictably gave us a tough test and came out of the traps fast but on both occasions when they took the lead, that “winning mentality” was enough to pull us back into the game, courtesy of a close range slot in by Adnan and yet another Teerasil moment.

The perfomances of the last two games are actually less important than the results. Both Buriram and Chonburi honorably stated before their respective clashes with us that they were going for a win. They each desperately needed it not only for the points but the change in psyche it could bring about. Neither side got it.

If Chonburi and Buriram battle to a draw in their upcoming fixture - as we must hope - then we surely have one hand on the TPL title.

MOTM: Piyapol Buntao remained active down the right side throughout and caused more than a couple of headaches for The Sharks.

PS Credit to Ben for pointing out the time-wasting they Chonburi seem to employ so often.



  1. I got to introduce my Thai friends (who don't watch much TPL) to Chonburi and their time wasting tactics. They really liked Bantao's move to get open on the first goal. Such a fun game to watch.

  2. To be honest, I didn't see much time wasting on Chonburi's part. Kosin's holding his face just after half-time at 1-0 was the only incident I noticed (I watched on Tuesday, and was looking for it). On the other hand, at 2-2, I saw 2 MTU players go to ground at the same time. Plus Piyapon (I think), goes off for treatment, then comes back on, & wastes more time being injured again, just to give the sub time to get organised, instead of staying off the first time.

  3. I don't understand Greg. Ben say's thta Chonburi time waste but praises MTU when they opt to stay down and receive treatment.

    Now, you say credit to Ben for pointing out the time-wasting they Chonburi seem to employ so often, but if this was true, then why do you need to point this in our face? I personally have never seen any evidence of this but two MTU match reports seem to be pushing this.

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  5. It may be more perception than reality in **this** case, but it's based on past experience

    Drury, if you have a critique of Ben's views, maybe you should address them to him?