Thursday, 26 July 2012

MTU 1 SS 0 - thoughts

My technical problems  continue though my home is back online for now. From what Ben says though, this was a good a game as any to get blacked out from.

This is not the first time Samut Songkhram fans or players have disgraced themselves at MTU. No doubt the envy of SCG sponsorship (our gain, their loss) weighed on minds for this fixture. Ben is absolutely right when he says game won, now move on. Championships are built as much on games like this as classy thrillers.

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  1. Man, did they look tired on Wednesday night. This trip up to Chiang Mai isn't going to help either.

    I did see a strange incident during the game. An Asian man in a suit was going back and forth between team benches and officials during the match, and talking with Jokanović. Jokanović then becomes visibly angry, take off his 'head coach' lanyard and tosses it to him, and stomps over to the bench and sits down. The man 'smiles' and looks around, then goes over to the bench too. Then Jokanović comes back out. Weird.