Friday, 8 June 2012

Who will win Euro 2012?

It's the question all football fans are asking, so out of curiosity I put it to some players and fellow fans alike. Here's a list of who predicted whom and why...

Adnan Barakat (Muangthong player) - Holland!

Mario Djuvoski (Muangthong player, super) - Spain! (Barcelona style!)

Jakkaphan Pornsai (Muangthong player) - I think Spain & Germany but I hope England will be champions because they have 6 players from Liverpool :)

Zesh Rehman (ex-Muangthong, now Kitchee FC player) - Spain

Stuart Kelly (player) - Could be any of 10 teams, Holland, Spain maybe Croatia

Jelani Grant (player) -  I enjoy watching many teams but I'm cheering for Portugal, England and France. However I believe Spain has to be the favourite to take it this time around.

Lee Tuck (Bangkok FC player) - England or Spain

Stefano Cugarra (Coach, Chiang Rai United) - Spain

Prince Durosinmi Ade ‏ (Ayutthaya FC player) - Spain are my favourite to win it..but Germany and Holland are also big title contenders

Steven Robb (Thai Port player) -  Liverpool!! Sorry I mean ENGLAND

Kevin (TLF) - Tipping Germany. Though getting worried about Italy (always do well after betting scandals) and England (not used to doom & gloom BEFORE tournament - does this mean they'll be great at the end of it?)

Matt (TLF) - France - rising force from a low base and I've had too much red wine so a perfect storm...

Dale (Chonburi Site) - England

Vinnie (Korat site, 'Big Chilli' journalist) - Italy. Always seem to pull a rabbit out of the hat when they have domestic problems.

Malky (BKK Blog) - I fancy Germany or Spain to win it. But I'll stick my neck out for the Germans

Sven: ( - Poland has a lot of talented players. Just look at the 3 from Dortmund.

Marco (Thai Port blog) - I'm backing Croatia - rank outsiders at 50/1.

Futbol en Thai (Spanish Thai footie blog) - I hope Spain, but without Villa i think we will have problems, If not Spain, Germany

Pipat (MTU fan club representative) - Germany

Sunate Surbkar (MTU fan) - Germany

Nat Yinsuri (MTU fan, translator) - Spain

MTUFC Blog (me) - Spain

CMFC (Chiangmai Site) - Kills me to say it but Germany for me. England may as well go home now.

The final scores are:

Spain (12)
Germany (6)
England (3)
Holland (2)
Italy,  Poland , Croatia , France - 1

(When a person gave more than one answer, I tried to judge if they offered a  clear favourite or not. If not, I counted all their answers)

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer!

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  1. How about that crazy Poland-Greece match!?