Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mui bpai thii nai?

You read it here first and today it's official. Nattaporn Panarit is a BEC Tero player. Thanks captain, you were always a true pro.
Now, transfer hype surrounded Teerasil Dangda before this season even started and "Mui's" superb performances - including a string of "one man team" displays before the squad hit form - have only served to raise the stakes.

Ben at MTU Replay has spotted a group of Turkish fans descending on one of Mui's youtube clips and declaring the target man "welcome" in Turkey. I seem to recall that Mui is a Muslim and if I'm right, perhaps that might play a part in his choice of destination as he seeks to further his career.

However, a very well placed source (many thanks to that person, as ever) says that Turkey will not be the striker's next stop of choice but everyone now seems resigned to the fact that Teerasil, like Yaya, has reached the point where he needs to leave Thailand to further his career.

That doesn't mean a transfer is around the corner. Kawin has had big teams sniffing around him for over two seasons now, but when the time does come - be it next week or next year - we fans can only wish that the club get the best fee, the best replacement and send the very best of wishes to a fantastic player and a true pro who gave us so much to remember.

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