Thursday, 14 June 2012

MTU 3 Police 1 - goals and analysis

Our latter two goals are beow. Notice Mario getting flattened during the first goal, but he recovered to score a penalty later.

Take a look at this table (credit: ) before reading on....

Now Kevin at TLF helpfully reminds me that the methods of separating teams tied on points are not applied in the same order as many western leagues. The priorities are:

" Head-to-head, Total no. of wins, Goal Diff, Goals for, Playoff match between teams concerned - in that order"

Buriram Utd drew at home with Pattaya last night. This means they have played 10, won 6 while we have played 14, won 10.

This means that if Buriram win all their catch-up games, we will be tied on wins and will revert to goal difference. This is currently in our favour (we have +19 compared to Buriram's +14) but if the 'Thunder Castle' win four games, we must assume their GD will improve.

That would take us to goals for, in which we once again have a strong advantage, having scored 12 more than our rivals. MTU have always been a high-scoring team whereas Buriram sometimes grind out efficient 1-0 or 2-1 wins.

But of course, riding above any of these stats is the "head to head" rule. You don't need me to remind you of our late equaliser at the Buriram Stadium recently. With both clubs looking in good form, it could yet come down to Buriram's visit to the SCG Yamaha Stadium later this season. As if that fixture wasn't big enough already.....

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