Friday, 6 April 2012

Zero tolerence

The saddest thing for us Thai football fans is that the problem is far less severe in the UK.


PFA chairman Clarke Carlisle calls for 'zero tolerance' on diving

Professional Footballers' Association chairman Clarke Carlisle says a "zero tolerance" approach should be taken on play-acting to help cut it out.

"I believe if the FA, Premier League and referees took a zero tolerance line to diving and confrontation, you would see a month of madness," he said.

"It would stop it because players would be missing two games, three games - then six, seven through suspension."
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Last weekend saw two Premier League players accused of diving.

There were also three instances of top-flight players arguing with team-mates, while aggression between rival players and the haranguing of referees remain a common sight.

"[Players] would miss key games and clubs would then take a stance on it. I believe you would then see it wiped out," the 32-year-old Northampton Town centre-back continued.

"If you just took the hard line, said we're not taking it any more, you might have a month of seven-a-side games but after that, because of the financial and professional ramifications, you would see a dramatic difference in players' behaviour."

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