Thursday, 29 March 2012

N-zone and alaphbet soup

Matt's comment from this article (A-Z of Thai football) under "N" (of course)

My local team have fans in the North Stand who take obsession to a new level. Some are tattooed with the club crest and most drink whiskey like a dying man drinks water in a desert. They are more raucous and less choreographed than their opposing South Stand and, whilst the atmosphere is just as friendly, these great people are rough diamonds rather than polished gems.

The rest of the article is great. The only entry I would add is an entry for the "effeminate" male fan. Not the type who keeps himself to himself, but the type who loves to advertise himself by screaming in as high a pitch as possible, as much as possible, often with added dancing for effect. In England this would be a guaranteed hospital visit. In Thailand it's just another character. As Matt has mentioned in the past, in one trip to Samut Sakhon we had a six foot transvestite at the front of our section, nobody raised an eyebrow.

Back to the article, I hereby offer this supporting evidence for Matt's 'N; entry and. for that matter, many of the other entries, too.....  (photos courtesy of NZone mtutd)

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