Thursday, 2 February 2012

Would Kone's return be a smart move?

As the old saying goes, sometimes you have to take a step backward before you can move forward. No sooner had Robbie exited MTU than media reporters were suggesting we’ll re-sign Kone Muhammed from TOT.

After careful thought I’ve decided welcoming Kone back to the Yamaha is a good move. Although he looked poor against us early last season, once he regained fitness he lifted his game enough to score goals that kept a poor TOT side in the TPL. No doubt when he receives the backing of a better midfield he’ll score more once again.

Kone is not technically gifted but he has power, pace and aerial ability that must frighten defenders. His physical similarity to Dagno Siaka used to cause numerous errors in my match reports. I’d compare him to Emile Heskey in the UK. We lacked that kind of striker last season and he’d be a very useful squad player for 2012.

In the bigger scheme of things, I hope this interest signals a more sensible transfer policy of giving priority to players who are proven at this level (like the Thai Port signings) mixed with the best new talent from Thailand or abroad such as Nattarid.

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