Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sponsorship update

MTU have issued a press release stating the club will now be known as "SCG Muangthong United" and the ground name may be changed from the "Yamaha Stadium" to....wait for it....the "SCG Stadium"! Catchy huh?

The release also confirmed that SCG will assist in the construction of our new stadium. How they will help should be a no-brainer.

Already fans are complaining that the new name is too long. It doesn't worry me one jolt. Let the media call them what they want, we will call them "MTU' or "Muangthong". The stadium can be called the "Yamaha", "Thunderdome", or "SCG Stadium".

What counts is that we have powerful backing from a very powerful business. Now let's get some more quality players in and look forward to next season.


  1. It makes me thinking of Sydney Cricket Ground, which is also called SCG Stadium!!!

  2. Haha, no it's all about Siam Cement Group :-)