Sunday, 12 February 2012

A quick catch up with Zesh

When Peter Crouch left Southampton, then manager Harry Redknapp said: "He's a rare guy, he's the only player that called me to say thanks after the transfer was done". Perhaps we can add Zesh Rehman on to that list of rare players, as Zesh was good enough not only to offer an interview but to see it through after he left Muangthong for Kitchee FC. This is what Zesh had to say:
"I'm really grateful to Muangthong for giving me the chance to come out and play in South East Asia. I wouldn't rule out a return to Thailand in the future."

"I hope the players get a chance to rest. The internationals have a lot of games to play and it can affect them. Hopefully things are settled now and I'm sure Muangthong will be back next season."

"I'm staying near the airport [on Hong Kong Island] it's nice here, it's all a bit hectic downtown! The fans are good and I'm enjoying the football. I'm very lucky that I'm young enough and have the opportunity to do this."

"Thanks again to all the supporters at Muangthong and I'll be looking out for Muangthong in the future."

Thanks again Zesh and if you're reading, don't forget to visit The Peak and if you know any good players back home that want to play out here, send them our way!

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