Thursday, 5 January 2012


As mentioned, MTU hit some good form last night, won 4-0 to make the semi-finals of the TFA cup and broke a miserable losing streak. No doubt it cheered many of us up and boosted the morale of the squad.

So how did player/coach Robbie Fowler tweet after the game?

Robbie9Fowler robbie fowler
Will hopefully get log in details tomorrow for football365... I'm in the jimjams and ready for bed

Robbie9Fowler robbie fowler
Struggling to find any positives tonight..... The fact city have gone 3 pts clear of Man u is the only one I can think of

Robbie9Fowler robbie fowler 

Not great.... Need to find a football365 forum password to cheer myself up
4 Jan

Robbie9Fowler robbie fowler
Having a nightmare... Slingbox is playing up

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