Tuesday, 27 December 2011


"Quilins.....chai yooo......"
I forgot to mention another bright point from Sunday's game: we now have the best entry music in football history. Our players walk out to "Sweet Child o'Mine" by Guns N Roses.

We were scheduled to face Sriracha tomorrow but the game has been postponed in a bizarre way. The motivation on both sides should be clear. Sriracha players want to catch us when our tails are down, we want a chance to allow our best players to get fit and sort ourselves out.

Here follows a Twitter exchange (in the usual timeline format) that nicely sums up that way the TPL can work at times and how different people feel about it. Douglas Cobo is a Sriracha player, as is Diego (I think). It should be noted the game discussed is our league clash with Sriracha, not the equivelent FA Cup fixture.


douglascobo Douglas Cobo @  
@Thai_League I'm telling this coz this is the true...sriracha and MTU had a meeting with TPL and MTU wanted to postpone the game!!

BKKFootballBlog BKK_FBB @
@Thai_League We know who's running the show. Their double new year celebration goes ahead as
planned. No surprises there!!

Thai_League Thai League Football
So it's easier to move a match at 30 hrs notice than one in 4 days time, for which no-one was available to referee a couple of days ago?

Thai_League Thai League Football
MTU have already postponed tomorrow's game on website. Sri Racha players are tweeting new date in January

Muang Thong & Sri Racha seem to have made a decision without waiting for TPL blessing. Who's running the show here? http://t.co/GArtrRMM

diegopishinin diego robert @
@Thai_League MTU X SR. On 24 january....

Thai_League Thai League Football
Both MTU & Sri Racha agree to postpone, want more than 2 days rest before Saturday games. Now awaiting TPL's decision. siamsport.co.th/Sport_Football…
7 hours ago

Thai_League Thai League Football
TPL site still has MTU v Sri Racha on homepage, & schedule pages currently unavailable. We'll take positve view & hope updates are happening
7 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Thai_League Thai League Football
Within hours of Dr.Vijit announcing this w/ends rearranged fixtures, Sri Racha player @douglascobo tells us MTU v SR tomorrow is off


  1. One of my favourite TPL experiences (still) is turning up at Yamaha and hearing "Muang Thong United" to the tune of Twisted Sister's "We're not gonna take it" blaring outside the ground.

  2. A few years ago at Nong Jork, we were treated to the Summer Holiday soundtrack in its entirety before a BEC Tero v Chonburi match. Brilliant!