Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Nonthaburi fully flooded

Nonthaburi is now a disaster zone. Floods have entered all districts in the province although MTU have not yet canceled the weekend game. BG in neighbouring Pathum Thani - from where most of the water is coming into Nonthaburi - have already postponed their next game.

A village very close to mine, this morning

Many residents have evacuated. Personally, I have chosen to hold fort and moved everything upstairs in true "Keep calm and carry on" style. Floods have not entered the village yet but are expected to do so in the next two days.

In other news, the OS confirms Datsakorn is our for two weeks. There has been no official comment on the Fowler situation.

MTU donations to flood funds, last week


  1. Stay safe, Greg. Hope you avoid the worst..

  2. Thanks Dale. Good of you to say.