Friday, 30 September 2011

Fowler's the man!

You heard it here first, and it's confirmed today; Fowler is player-coach.

First of all, a thought for Calisto who sorted many of our defensive problems, steadied the ship and  produced good results overall. His departure was due to internal politics.

As for the new boss, he's played under some great coaches in his prime and brings great experience of top-level football to the table. But there are obvious question marks. Robbie has no coaching experience or formal qualifications, he is well known for having a bit of a wildside that doesn't seem compatible with coaching, he has spent very little time in Thailand so has little knowledge of local culture or language and his playing form his been, frankly, awful.

Whatever happens, it should be interesting to see what goes on with an Englishman at the helm.

MTU are away to Samut Songkhram tomorrow.
Coming soon, an interview with MTU's first ever (probably) farang fan.

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