Sunday, 25 September 2011

Happy birthday to the blog

The blog recently passed its second year mark. After two years trying to follow the rapid changes and growth of MTU and Thai football in general, things have steadied a bit. Over that time, I've concluded that football is close to the hearts of many Thais and therefore it's no surprise that just like Thailand in general, Thai football is something that us foreigners can never totally understand, but we love it anyway.

The blog continues to get well over one hundred hits per day. It soared to quadruple that around the time Robbie signed. It's also generated some interesting discussions on and offline.

As well as my inside source I  want to say a special thank you to Jirawat Srikong, Rene Desaeyere, Zesh Rehman, Wolfman from TLF, BG Man, Sven from TFD and anyone else who has contributed in any way.

Most of all, thanks to everyone who reads!

Ten best moments from the last two years (in no order)


  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks for being a great English MTU resource!

  2. Happy Birthday. Keep up the good work.