Thursday, 18 August 2011

TOT Vs MTU - Saturday

"To spit on your own fans, please press one......... To move stadium, please press two..........."

TOT are not a well run football outfit. The club moved to Kanchanburi where they acquired good support in a good catchment area, only to move "home" to Cheang Watthana the next year. Once arriving " home" (and not a day beforehand) they realised their stadium was not ready and spent one and a half seasons using the Thunderdome as the pitch of choice.

That 18 months was not enough though and upon leaving, the club had to use Army's ground until their own was ready.

Now the Cheang Watthana stadium is in use but there's one problem before Saturday - it's so small that TOT can only offer 400 tickets to away fans, many of whom will live closer to this ground than the Thunderdome. I can only hope other fans will be able to stand around the unterraced sides of the stadium and that there will be no safety issues.

TOT feature former Quilins target man Kone Muhammed in their ranks. The visitors still face a multitude of injury and fitness issues. Zesh will be out, Nattaporn and Panupong are only in with an outside chance of being ready.

Saturday 1800 (according to MTU OS) @ Cheang Wattahana TOT Stadium.

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