Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New contracts

From the OS:

Muangthong United on Wednesday have reached an agreement to extend a five-year contract each with their six players including Nataporn Panrit, Datsakorn Thonglaow, Panupong Wongsa, Teerasil Dangda, Kawin Thamsatchanan as well as Dagno Siaka for the club’s long-term plan to improving its standart to the continental level.

The chief exclusive of Siamsport Syndicates Company Limited Pongsak Pholanan, the firm who owned the Thai Premier League defending champions revealed that, : “Our main propose to extend contract with these players is the long-term plans for the club to be the top-team of Thailand as well as the Asian continent in the near future, and it would be the guarantee that all six players will belong with us for long time and it also showing that Muangthong United are the professional football club which paying attention to all of our players. I believed that these players have potentials to lead us to the success surely.”

Kilins’ Deputy Chairman Wiluck Lohtong added that : “the contract extending with all of six players have approved by the unanimous resolution from our board of director as well as the staff coaches who want to see all of this players leading this club to meet our long-term goal. Moreover, some of these players have joined with us since we play in the Division 2 and 1. Finally, I can confirmed that, we are still looking to strengthen our squad by signing another top-players soon.”
The report suggested that, Muangthong United have splashed the budget to extend contract with all of six players for around 25 million baht (833,333 USD).

Of course this doesn't guarantee any of the guys will stay out their contract but it does rack up the prices for them, and there are still a lot of clubs sniffing around Kawin. It's also a very good sign of ambition. The only name I noticed missing from a 'wish list' of our top players is Christian.

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