Wednesday, 6 July 2011

MTU 2 KSU 1 - report

Somehow my report on this game got lost in cyberspace so here is a quick summary:

MTU team was Weera (GK), Kayem (LB), Ali (CB), Zesh (CB), Thiemba (RB), Datsakorn (MD, Capt), Pitchipong (MD)Siaka (MD), Issaoufao (Wing), Jakkaphan (Wing), Teerasil (ST)

MTU took an early lead through a Datsakorn corner and a header scored by Siaka and the rest of the first half was even. KSU looked well-organised, confident and unintimidated. The KSU goalie brought down Datsakorn but Dagno persuaded Issofaou to let him take the penalty, and missed. Two rebound shots were also missed.

KSU had good travelling support that cheered loudly when they equalised with a neat angled shot following a defensive lapse. MTU restored the lead from Pitchipong later but most of the second half was a sequence of shots by MTU players blazed wide. MTU were disappointing, KSU were impressive.  The second leg could be interesting. No sign of any ex-Liverpool strikers yet but it could happen soon.

Man of the Match: Diarra Ali, who looks like he could be another solid defender.

Photo credits: Toonz Cefiro


  1. While I agree with your match summary, I must disagree with your man of the match. I find Ali's play to be consistently slow. He seems to have trouble making split-second decisions, and during the game he made some poor moves that led to some unwanted counterattacks.
    Also, I am not to sure about our alternate goalkeeper.

  2. Diarra Ali did have a good game. I thought the best player between both teams was the Kasetsart keeper. He made some great saves during the game.

    The away leg should be interesting especially if Fowler makes his debut at Kasetsart Uni. That would certainly be a culture shock for the ex-Spice boy.

    Just one other thing Greg, it was Dagno that scored the first and not Datsakorn.

  3. Thanks Steve, I felt Ali had a good game, at one point he was pressured from both sides and did a neat stepover and cleared the ball. I guess we need to see more of him - especially in bigger games - to reach a verdict.

    BKKFB, I agree the away goalie was very good, my MOTM is just for MTU. Thanks for correcting me on the goalscorer, when goals come out of nowhere I sometimes celebrate and in my elation I forget who scored!