Thursday, 21 July 2011

"Issufur" loaned to FC Phuket

From the OS:
Nigerian winger Bubaka Issufur who just joined Muangthong United for first season has been loaned out to devision 1 outfit FC Phuket during the second-leg of Thai League campaign on Wednesday and he will comeback to the Yamaha Stadium before the beginning of 2012’s season.

I shared my thoughts on Issoafaou (Does anyone know the correct spelling?)  recently and I approve of this move. It's worth noting that in Thailand, "loans" often turn out to be one-way affairs. However, FC Phuket is widely regarded as a nursery club for MTU (Suphaburi FC is more of a "business partner") so if Bubaka does manage to fulfill his potential, I'm sure he'd return.

Latest fixture (lack of) arrangements: MTU should play BG on Sunday, July 31st . Sunday 7th August. This should be Fowler's debut.


  1. I think the BG match is now scheduled for Sunday 7th August, Greg.

  2. It appears to have changed again, Greg! Saturday 6th away v Thai Port (KO 4:00pm?)seems to be the new date.