Thursday, 2 June 2011

Chonburi Vs MTU - preview, or lack thereof

It's been a  long and hard week for personal reasons and I really haven't had the chance to properly ponder our clash with the closest thing MTU have to an auld enemy in Chonburi. One key player, some staff and a fan club leader have all told me they expect a score draw or an away win in a tight game,

Our history with Chonburi has been well covered in previous previews such as this  (1-1) , this (4-1), this (1-2) and even this. So all that we need to add is that Chonburi have performed to expectations so far this season, whereas we got off to a slow start and are playing catch up.

Nattaporn's calf injury may keep him out of the side once again, meaning Zesh will likely make his third start in a row.

This is a big game for MTU not only for gaining revenge but for closing the gap between the two sides. We must aim to finish second in the table at the very least.

In other news, report that Issoafaou will be released from his contract.

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  1. I just found out Sunil Gulati, the head of the USSF, voted for Sepp Blatter. As a USMNT fan, I feel so dirty.