Thursday, 12 May 2011

Muangthong United Vs BEC Tero - preview

Few teams in Thailand can be on such familiar terms as BEC Tero and Muangthong. It's not just down to the geographical proximity, it's because almost an entire team's worth of players have swapped sides between the clubs recently.

From memory, the transfers are:

MTU to Tero:
Phanphipat (GK)
Jetsada (CB)
Piyachart (LB)
Zaizen (MD)
Nontadee (MD)
Leesaw (FW)
Runsiyo (ST)

Tero to MTU:
Ahnon (ST)
Kittipol (AM, now on loan to Suphanburi)

Most of the Quilins players who have moved to the Thepsadin have settled well, and as I predicted, Runsiyo has really found his scoring boots. With their money well spent, the 'Fire Dragons' sit nicely in the top half of the table, on the way to reclaiming former glory. Unlike other clubs they have taken advantage of their central Bangkok location and developed a decent support and smart image.

With both teams knowing each other so well, it should make for an interesting tactical battle. Mirolsav Toth should return to availability for this clash, and should content with former Tero hitman Ahnon Sagsanoi for the striker's spot. Teerasil may also return. Thiamba will discover if Tuesday's performance was enough to keep Pakasit and Arthit out of the side. I predict Calisto will rest one of Tuesday's centre-backs and replace them with Panupong, it will probably be Zesh since Nattaporn is captain.

Last season was 2-0 , report here.

The English section of Tero's website is here.

Saturday, 1800 @ Thunderdome.

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