Sunday, 15 May 2011

Muangthong United 1 BEC Tero 0

Not a great game in all honesty due to the heavy water on the pitch. Although we've spent a lot of money on a new turf with a drainage system, three major storms in one week, including one that stopped about four hours before kick off, made this a game for battlers rather than purists.

Muangthong's line up was Kawin (GK), Thiemba (RB), Kayem (LB), Panupong (CB), Nattaporn (Capt, CB), Datsakorn (MD), Pitchipong (MD), Siaka (MD), Christian (FW), Ahnon (ST), Toth (FW).

The first half was more MTU but the final ball was lacking, Tero attacked on the break with a similar outcome. The second half saw much more possession for the home side but it really looked like it wouldn't happen before a ball to Christian was well protected by the forward who laid a great flick-on to substitute Jakkapahan Pornsai who slotted home and took my MOM award in the process. Commiserations and good luck to Tero for the rest of the season. They're a good side with good fans. Returning to home matters, I understand there may be big, big news from MTU this coming week.

In other news, a long feature on Peter Butler and a report on a Thai Port game both feature in 'Brunch' in the 'Bangkok Post' today. Both articles are very good reads and both rightly point out the lack of official coverage and internet coverage of the game by official bodies. Yet the 'Post' neglects to mention the growing coverage amongst us un-offcials including and perhaps best of all by the great in both German and English. For anyone who misunderstood, Sven of certainly has never signed me or anyone else up for a German site featuring men in leather. Well, except for a Rammstein fan site, maybe.


  1. Thanks for obviating the need to buy the Bangkok Post! The Butler interview was interesting, though I disagree with him on a few points - particularly his soft line on politicians in football. The other article is about two years out-of-date.

  2. Thanks Paul. I thought Butler made some good comments on Robson and I'm glad he missed out all the usual football platitudes. Interesting you say the other article is out of date, do you mean literally? Because it was (re-)published today.

  3. No, I mean it's behind the times. It should have been written two years ago. That watching Thai football is now relatively popular and affordable has been done to death.

  4. I agree, the mainstream press should be well past that stage by now.

  5. It's from the Port-Samut Songkram match a couple of weeks ago. It's a good thing he'd write about the Si Saket game yesterday, as he wouldn't have been able to tick the quality of football off his list.

    Are you in contact with the author?

  6. I'm not but I'll be e-mailing him soon.