Sunday, 8 May 2011

MTU Vs Tampines Rovers - preview

MTU will look to bounce back from yesterday's disappointment and cruelly disallowed equaliser on Tuesday when we face Singaporean side Tampines Rovers at home in the final AFC group game.

Both sides are already assured of progress to the next stage of the competition however there is still much to play for as the team that wins the group will play the first knock-out fixture at home.

No new injuries or suspensions that I know of have been reported from yesterday's game so I would expect Calisto to field a full strength side. However, I do feel that despite the result of the reverse fixture that took place during our defensive collapse, we should be more than enough for Tampines at home and if it were up to me, I'd be tempted to rest at least a couple of players who have received knocks lately such as Kawin and Teerasil, replacing them with Weera and Anon or Toth. has all you need to know about Singaporean footie and the Rovers.

KO Tuesday, 1930 @TD



  1. Ugh, a disallowed goal for a non-existent handball. A player of my home team in the US got a straight red because the ref thought he saw him kick at a player that had just slid into him. I can't say that he's at fault. I was there, everyone saw the San Jose player kick out after the play and assumed the card was for him. You can check it out here if you're interested:

    Anyway, the point being do you think technology is on its way into the sport? Should it? I would like to see coaches have the ability to appeal to a fourth referee, like in cricket. Give them one or two challenges a game. I think it could help.

  2. Thanks Ben, I share your pain but I'm totally against goal-line or other video technology in the game. As an American you must see how it delays a game. Part of football's appeal is that it is simple and (in theory at least) flowing. GLT breaks both of those benefits. Once you start, where do you stop? Should schools have it? Why only two appeals? What happens if there's a controversial goal and both appeals have been used? Nothing is solved. There's always been controversy in football that has rarely changed the history of the game or stopped the best team winning, but now more people are watching and more money is coming in, people want to change the game. They have a strong case but I still disagree.

  3. I can understand that. I guess as an American I'm biased toward instant replay. In almost every other American sport the referee will stop the game to review the play on video to make sure he gets it right. I took my friends to the game I talked about above, and their immediate response was "Why doesn't the ref review the video?" I would love to see the sport take off in the States, but many Americans just can't understand a 'the ref was wrong... oh well" mentality. Maybe baseball fans... Anyway, American soccer insecurity is a topic way to big for the comment section, haha.