Thursday, 10 March 2011

The season ticket package

So last weekend I get an SMS for a mister "Sres"  to come and pick up his n-zone season ticket from the club. I don't know who "Sres" is, but I had ordered a ticket too, so today I went to collect it and got a pleasant surprise.

The package was literally so, with a smart club crest engraved on the box...

Inside is a limited edition club scarf. Of course there's always a fine line between "limited edition" products and: "something not that good that we made up",  but in this case the scarf looks good and is made from high-quality fabric....

...and even the membership card looks trendy, though they gave me Mister "Sres"' card...

Finally, we have the ticket itself with dates for every game - even the second leg - and a 20% discount voucher for use in the club shop. The membership card itself grants a 10% discount for every club shop purchase.

All in all, a really excellent value package. MTU are often accused of being too commercial and fake, but the club could easily have charged double or triple prices for season tickets without any extras and made more money. Instead, they have offered a package that will almost certainly work out even better value than last year. It shows they care about the fans and want to give them the best deal possible. Bravo, MTU!

A comparison:

Last year's ST package for n-zone was:
1,200 baht for all home league games, a club shop birthday voucher (I think it was 300 baht), and a 10% discount on all club shop purchases

This year:
1,500 baht for all home league games (two more than last year) and all TLC and FA Cup games (I confirmed this with staff today), a good quality scarf, a 20% discount voucher for club shop (for any product except the new shirts), a discount on all club shop purchases and the club swimming pool, VIP box for two people on ST holder's birthday (though this has not yet been re-confirmed) and a free PDF download of all league and domestic cup match programmes.

So allowing for the two extra games - at 80 baht each - the 300bt price increase becomes just 140bt. So all we need is at least two home games in either domestic cup for the ticket to work out cheaper per game. That's not to mention all the other benefits given this year.


  1. Is this difficult to get if one doesn't have a high Thai language ability?

  2. No, just a little patience is required. Speak to the ticket team outside the Thunderdome itself. They should be there on Sunday.