Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Want to try your hand? Plus OS news

In April I'll be returning to the UK for two or three weeks. I will be missing some games during that period.
If anyone would like to have a try at producing some match reports then please do let me know. You can be named or anonymous and report however you like, within reason.


A minor error on the OS states Anon joined from Bangkok Glass. In fact he joined from BEC Tero.


The club have confirmed that this year's season tickets also entitle free entry into FA Cup and TLC matches and a free "review" book - presumably they mean the match programme - and two free seats in the corporate box for one match on the holder's birthday. An excellent move by the club, designed to increase turnout. No mention of the birthday voucher but with these benefits, who cares?


MTU have arranged a friendly away to ChaiNat FC this weekend, perhaps as a result of last Sunday's disjointed performance?


The OS also has a set of photos from training. Coulibly Abdoul seems conspicuous by his absence.


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  1. Can't deny that season ticket deal is excellent. Free entry for all league cup and fa cup matches - that could be a dozen or so games.