Monday, 28 February 2011

The verdict

Robert's opinion (see below) on the game matches my own. Considering the state of flux the club is in, to come to the ground of a top team like BG - where we have lost every single past game 0-1 - and by the opinion of most neutrals play the better football is a good achievement. Rob has obviously pinpointed the areas for improvement, particularly the flank work which is our trademark and the secret of our success and has set morale back in the right direction.

Our first AFC group game against Hanoi T&T is at home this Wednesday, KO 1930

"This scoreless draw is satisfying, we played best in last two months and the lads can played with Muangthong style again which is passing ball on ground and breaking through channels. All players have focused and try to create many scoring chances but just could not finish them. For the fans who came and cheer a lot, I think they help players to play better in this match, same as the home fans that make game look beautiful in and off the pitch."

The Belgian coach also praised Weerawut Kayem and Arthit Daosawang, "Both just are 18 years old and approach the game with high pressure and it was the first game of this season, so it is quite risky. But Weerawut and Arthit didn"t let the fans down as they played confidently and did well both attacking and defending. They have a lot space to improve and can be the important players to help team defending the league titles in this season." 

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