Thursday, 24 February 2011

MTU set to retain title

One title that MTU look to have secure even before their first TPL game is the title of the club with highest gross merchandise income. The new kits -retailing at over 600 bt a piece - were sold out within hours yesterday.


  1. AKA intrntnl on the web boards. I like the new kits, but I think my Adidas one will look just fine unless they come out with something special. IMHO at some point they should do a classic "throw-back", maybe a grey and black striped jersey or something like it. Pinstripes, whatever. Black and red stripes would look very sharp.

  2. Agreed. I think it's unlikely though because Thai football is pushing its image as a very modern and developing league, so retro looks won't be in fashion for a while yet. That's why I'm pleased with shirts by MTU and PEA, they still have an authentic look about them.