Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Adeus, Carlito!

It's now being revealed in a press conference that Carlos Carvalho has left Muangthong United after just one competitive game in charge. Such a hasty departure naturally points to some serious issues behind the scenes but the appointment of the former BG boss really felt wrong from the beginning. Subsequent performances - in terms of quality, tactics and fitness - and tidbits of information I've heard on the grapevine only served to exacerbate concerns

Perhaps it's harsh to judge Carlos on such a small number of games that he had little time to prepare for. Certainly there is no reason for anyone to have any reason not to thank him for his efforts and wish him well for the future, so I'd like to do that right now.

Early reports suggest MTU are in contact with two managers. One is a well known character in the English game who is not named 'Peter' and has managed in the EPL, but this is considered a very long shot.The second is currently a manager at national level.

Also on the list, below the club shop cleaner and the builders working on the West Stand is your blogger. Ladbrookes would probably offer odds of about 10,000,000 to one, but to be honest, even those odds are not generous enough.

Disruption at this stage of the season is a setback but let's credit the club for realising their mistake early enough to avoid any fatal damage to our title defence. Onwards and upwards.

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  1. Wow... Well, I guess it is for the best, but I have nothing to judge Carlos on other than that I know some people who knew him at BG, and they weren't keen on him. I hope MTU can still start off the season strong.