Friday, 28 January 2011

2011 squad line-up

The OS has not updated its ticket details or squad list in well over one year, so ahead of the new season, here is an unofficial guide from your humble blogger.

Last season cost 80 baht for North or South Stands, 100 baht for the side stands. Expect that to rise about 20-40 baht each this season. Season ticket details here.

The Squad:
Now, because some people refer to players by first name, some by surname and some by nickname, I use whatever I find easiest to remember. So in this list I'll also state how I will refer to them in my match reports.

28. Witsanusak Kaewruang GK "Witty"
Intended to be the new reserve goalie. Signed from Songhkla in close-season.
Most likely to: Get a sore backside.

1. Weera Koedpudsa GK "Weera"
Bangkok United's player of the year. Signed for us close-season. Intended to be long-term replacement for Kawin.
Most likely to: Get dizzy at being above halfway in the league table.

26. Kawin Thamasatchanan GK "Kawin"
Still with us because of his injury. Thailand's best goalie may well leave for bigger things once he gets fit but the silver lining is we may get a few more games out of him.
Most likely to: Ask the ref to stop the game so he can help an old lady cross the road. Nice chap that he is.

3. Toni Kallio LB "Kallio"
Finnish veteran signed close-season. It will be interesting to see how he adapts to the Thai game. Could be a big hit or a quick mistake.
Most likely to: Clatter someone and get a red card. And later, not clatter someone but that someone pretends he did and gets him red-carded again.

4. Panupong Wongsa CB "Panupong"
Highly-rated central defender who won some awards last year.
Most likely to: Get some MOTM awards on this blog.

5. Zesh Rehman CB "Sesh/Zesh"
Highest paid player. A new signing from Bradford. Will the language barrier stop him being the new captain?
Most likely to: Tell me: "Get lost and stop asking me for an interview!".

? Coulibly Abdoul DM/DF "Coulibly"
African deep-midfielder that greatly impressed when he joined midway into last season.
Most likely to: Look like he's about to get broken in half, then win the ball.

6. Nattapron Panarit CB "Nattaporn"
Another MTU veteran defender. Gives 100% every time. Wore the captain's armband after Jetsada got dropped last year.
Most likely to: Do a lot of stuff that goes unnoticed, but is vital.

7. Datsakorn Thonglao MD "Datsakorn"
The master of the long range screamer and a battling mid-fielder. Tremendous to still have him on the books.
Most likely to: Burst the net.

8. Kittipol Paphunga MD "Kittipol"
The very highly-rated Tero player that we bizzarely signed while still injured is supposed to be fit for the new season. Could be a contender for player of the year if he gets back to full fitness.
Most likely to: Have the highest medical insurance bill of the whole squad.

11.Kabfah Boonmatoon MD "Kabbie"
One half of the Osotspa Saraburi signings. Unknown quantity.

14. Issoufou Boubacar Garba MD "No idea"
Nigerian national. Another unknown quantity.
Most likely to: Have me pronounce his name wrong.

15. Ali Diarra DM/MD "Ali"
Ivorian product of the youth team who spent last season at Phuket FC. Name-wise he sounds way too much like Ali Dia for my liking.
Most likely to: Give me nightmare flashbacks of this. Yes, I was there.

16. Jakkraphan Pornsai LW "Jakkaphan"
One of the top signings of the close season. This winger comes highly rated and replaces much-needed pace that we've lost to outgoing players.
Most likely to: Have me raving about "pace".

18. Santi Chaiyaphurk MD "Santa"
Signed from Pattaya United. Not all Pattaya fans were sorry to see him go but he is regarded as having a lot of skill.
Most likely to: Have me grumbling.

19. Pichitphong Choeichiu MD "Pitchipong"
Another veteran mid-fielder that won his place back last season.
Most likely to: Turn up with his hair sprayed some ridiculous colour, with the boots to match.

20. Amorn Thammanarm MD/RW "Ammorn"
Pacy player that was usually on the bench last season.
Most likely to: Come on 15 minutes before the end of the game.

21. Dagno Siaka AM "Dagno/Danny O"
Pronounced "Danny-oh". Needs no introduction. Player of the year.
Most likely to: Take penalties. And score them.

17. Anon Sangsanoi ST "Anon" (until I find another name)
The most exciting close-season arrival. Natural poacher
Most likely to: Score goals! We hope!

10. Teerasil Dangda ST "Teerasil"
Pronounced: "Teera-sin".The target man. You know him.
Most likely to: Change feet then chip the goalie.

9. Miroslav Tóth FW "Toth"
Eastern European player joined from TOT.
Most likely to: Be the easiest player to recognise.

13. Christian Yao Kouakou "Chris/Christian"
Very, very talented player that became a hit last season. It's a pleasant surprise that he will at least be starting the season with us. Could be hugely successful with a little work on his mental approach to the game.
Most likely to: Wind up a player, go down easily, realise he won't get anything, get up, beat two defenders and nutmeg the 'keeper.

Other players that may play a part:
22. DF/MD Naruphol Ar-Romsawa
23. MF Piyapol Bantao
34. MD Paitoon Tiepm
35. LB Weerawut Kayem


  1. Nice article!
    I know Ali Diarra (formerly of FC Phuket, and we pray to have him back one day!). He is a good player and well-disciplined. FC Phuket supporters still chant his name in songs. He was one of the reasons FC Phuket got promoted to Division 1. when he came back to play against Phuket, he was given a standing-O.
    I hope he is performing in Muang Thong.

  2. Did Santi ever get a game for you guys???

  3. Did poison Santi ever get a game for you guys? He'll love having Robbie as coach - he loathes farangs.

    Glenn, Pattaya

  4. Hi Glenn, he did play a couple of games then disappeared on loan somewhere!