Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The season in review

A fan survey was posted on the Thai Football Forum. Here is a copy of my answers: 

1. Which TPL team do you support?
Muangthong United

2. How did they do in 2010?

We won the league. Naturally, this is a great achievement but after being in the running for four trophies, winning just one - albeit the major domestic one - actually feels like a let down, even though it isn't.

3. What was the best match you attended?

The 4-1 win against Chonburi. That's when I knew for sure we were the best team in Thailand. The 2-0 home win in the AFC Cup comes a close second.

4. What was the worst game?
Several contenders here. The home games against Rayong and Pattaya were both dreadful in terms of the negative football on show from the opposition (no offence to fans of those two teams). Games against Chonburi (FA Cup final) and Buriram PEA away were sickeners, but each for different reasons.

5. Who was your best player in 2010?

So many names come close but I'd have to give it to Kawin. He's just too good for this league.

6. Who is the TPL's best player?
As per question 5.

7. Who was your team's unsung hero?

I'd say Panupong Wongsa. Although he is hardly "unsung", a lot of his work goes unnoticed because a defender's job is less glamorous than that of midfielders and attackers.

8. Does your team have a star of the future?
Several. Ibrahim and Abdoul to name but two.

9. Which other TPL team do you dislike the most?

Take a wild guess :-)

10. Which is your favourite TPL stadium?
I actually like the Police United Stadium a lot as well as our own.

11. Approx how many TPL games did you see this season?
Every home game and most away games. I didn't keep count.

12. How has the TPL improved this year?
The organisation at the stadiums has improved marginally but otherwise, I'm not really sure. Awareness of Thai football has increased which is great.

13. Name 3 areas where the TPL still needs to improve.
Discipline of players and respect for the ref. Organisation of fixtures and a reality check of the buffoons at the TFA.

14. What is your dream for 2011?
For absolutely no fan violence and everyone to enjoy their football.

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