Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Who's the mistaken gentlemen in the orange?

James Goyder at the Phuket FC blog explains why the ref was wrong to send off Christian in the match against Navy Rayong even after he had been cleared to enter the field by the fourth official.

MTU are appealing the decision but if the appeal is rejected, Chris will be out of the cup final.

I'm not aware of a referee ever being even close to this harsh with such an error before.

The FA are to hold a meeting today to decide who gets the second AFC Cup spot (Chonburi or Buriram PEA) if MTU win the double.


  1. james again... he also wrote in his article about the atletico deal that suwat liptapanlop is the fat chairman (lol). seems he will become the english tor chittinand...
    it was a correct decision by the ref because christian was already booked with a yellow card for moaning. in my eyes he could be happy that the ref didn´t sent him off seconds earlier for simulation his injury...

  2. A yellow card would have been the correct decision, I was under the impression he had been shown a straight red.

    And it says here that Suwat Liptapanlop is the fat chairman:

    I can only go with what I read / am told.