Monday, 15 November 2010

Quilins and Buffaloes

Erwin in Belgium has highlighted local reports suggesting The Quilins may be close to signing another football FTA, this time with KAA Ghent.

MTU recently entered into a partnership with Athletico Madrid that was exciting to fans, but diluted somewhat by the large number of clubs Athletico partnered with.

Links between MTU and KAA Ghent are already strong due to the Belgian connection - Rene is a friend of the Ghent manager - and the highly successful sale of Yaya. The potential agreement would serve to strengthen the existing links.

The report (in Flemish)


  1. Given the lack of success Thai players have had making the transition to Europe (Zico, Leesaw, the Man City 3), it surprises me that more clubs (and players) aren't looking to bigger Asian leagues instead, particularly Japan and Korea. Australia and some of the Middle East leagues(Saudi) could also be considered. I'm not talking about guys who are looking for more money in similar leagues in Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam, but players who want to prove themselves at a higher level.

  2. @ wolfman, regards the Thai players and Asian side, maybe the interview with Steve Darby can give you an answer.