Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The TOT away game

I was wondering what the arrangements would be at the Thunderdome for MTU's "away" game against TOT.

TOT are using the stadium as their ground this season despite the fact they have a perfectly fine - and more suitable - stadium literally down the road at Cheang Watthana. Ostensibly, that stadium is being renovated. But I believe in reality - even if renovations are going on - it's cover for the club to lobby their way to a purchase by a rich entity and move somewhere else.

TOT home games usually involve boards, posters and flags, etc. being erected at the ground. Tickets are blue coloured and there is pre-match and half time entertainment in the form of a chat show.

Will all this take place for the MTU game? It would be slightly odd and perhaps embarrassing, since ninety percent of the fans would be "away" but really not away, if you get me. It's like pretending the tenant of the home is the host.

In any case, the club (ours) have announced the ticket arrangements and they are slightly different to usual. The rest of the arrangements are yet to be revealed.

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