Thursday, 7 October 2010

The pitch

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I seem to recall that around this time last season, I commented that the Thunderdome pitch looked like it had been taken over by buffalo. Well this year, it looks like the buffalo clan have been invaded by a herd of wilderbeast and the pitch has been used for the battle. In short: it's terrible.

This is not the club's fault of course. It's politics that have allowed other teams to use the surface and I doubt anyone who knows anything about sport thought that using the pitch for a lacrosse game was sensible. And nobody can do much about the incredible amounts of rain we've had this year.

Hopefully TOT will get lost and Rajpracha will return home next season. But if not - or even if they do - this problem may keep repeating itself unless we...

a) Get a new stadium with facilities to maintain the pitch or.....

b) .....cue the Darth Vader music ......we install astroturf!

I know astroturf is unpopular and hardly an ideal option but surely it's cost effective and better than forcing ourselves to play on what is essentially a potato field towards the end of each season.

Let's remember, MTU are the best footballing side in the league. The worse the pitch, the more we deprive ourselves of our advantage in skill.

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