Wednesday, 6 October 2010

MTU players in Thailand squad

A report of yesterday's game will appear soon. Meanwhile, courtesy of the Thai Port blog - which is always good for news of the national team - here is the squad for the totally pointless friendly between Thailand and Leicester that is taking place purely as part of King Power's takeover of the Foxes. I can't imagine anyone is too thrilled about this match taking place. Leicester are less than a quarter of the way into their season and will most likely send a reserve side over to play, MTU play Army just twenty four hours beforehand and even the Leicester City ex-pats I know are not too fussed about seeing this match.

Presumably the idea is to promote Leicester amongst Thai fans, but the problem is that while Leicester are a reasonably big club with a long history, they have been out of the Premier League - and therefore Thai TV stations - for a while. One friendly match is not going to boost their fanbase by very much at all.

Hopefully someone will see sense and rest the MTU players.



Kawin Thamsatchanon - Muangthong United

Sintaweechai Hathairattanakool - Chonburi


Panupong Wongsa - Muangthong United

Nattapon Phanrit - Muangthong United

Suree Sukha - Chonburi

Nattapong Samana - Chonburi

Suttinan Phukhom - Chonburi

Chonlatit Jantakam - Chonburi

Ponlawat Wangkahadt - TOT

Teeratorn Boonmatan - Buriram PEA


Pichitpong Choichieu - Muangthong United

Datsakorn Thonglao - Muangthong United

Narongchai Vachiraban - Muangthong United

Puritat Jarikanon - Chonburi

Wichaya Dechmitr - Bangkok Glass

Peter Laeng - Bangkok Glass

Suchao Nuchnum - Buriram PEA

Rangsan Vivatchaichok - Buriram PEA


Teerasil Dangda - Muangthong United

Sarayoot Chaikamdee - Thai Port

Keerati Kaewsombat - Buriram PEA

Teeratep Winothai - BEC Tero

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