Monday, 4 October 2010

Meet the 'n-zone' army

MTU face the first leg of their AFC Cup semi-final clash tomorrow against Syrian side Al-Ittihad. Rest assured a full report will appear here. However, I am finally enjoying a well-deserved holiday that will include two getaways so I may miss some games. News-flashes will still appear here, though.

Muangthong are best known for their 'Ultras' fan group. That's the large, colourful and friendly crowd that fill the South Stand at home games and produce a tremendous noise. But with the growth of the club and the stadium, a smaller but equally passionate and slightly more inebriated bunch known as the 'n-zone' group have also made themselves known for noise, passion and friendliness.

I like the 'n-zone' crowd because their behaviour and nature is slightly closer to that of European fans, but without the thuggish side of such culture. Meet them here......

Scarf waving

I do smile sometimes,  especially when Portsmouth lose.
When the shirts are off, it usually means we are winning.
At half time

Not a fairweather fan.

Rough but friendly 1
Rough but friendly2

The twelfth man

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