Monday, 25 October 2010

Interview with a Rajpracha fan

Nene (wearing glasses)
As a follower of Rajpracha myself, it was comparatively easy to get an interview with a Rajpracha fan before the match between Muangthong and Raj.
So thanks then to Nene for his time. Bear in mind this interview was conducted before the game's original scheduled date about three millennia ago, so Raj's recent struggle - and victory - against relegation is not mentioned.

1) Could you tell us your nickname, your age and what you do for work?
A: Hi, My name is Ne'. I'm 27 and my work is about Information and Communication Technology study, research and educational services.

2) How long have you supported Rajpracha and why did you choose them?

A: I supported the team since the last year (2009) when the team has competed in Regional League D2, (Bangkok and Metropolitan zone) but I heard about the rich history of the team when I was young.
The reason that I choose to support the team because I find the one team that I really want to support and the team must locate around my home (Locality Loyalty reason) and I heard Rajpracha joined Nonthaburi and selected Nonthaburi Provincial Stadium (Wat Boat Don Prom) as a home stadium.
So I think this is a good chance to choose team that i want to be with.

3) Rajpracha were promoted last season as D2 Champions. How do you think they have performed in their first season in D1?

A: For the starting season period, I think we can perform quite well as a new promoted team but the situation of team is going down after we lost Prachinburi FC for away game 2-1 and the form continued poor results, we lost many matches.
We have many problems about the team management until we changed head coach from Praphan Premsri to Somchai Supperm and the thing is turning to good way that it could be.
For this season I just expect the team will be in mid-table and doing well in FA cup tournament.

4) How do you think most Raj fans feel about Muangthong United? Do they like them or do they see them as rivals (as English fans do with other local teams)?

A: I think most Raj fans don't think seriously to be rivals with MTUTD because this is Thailand we live as peace and we just want to enjoy and see the favourite team play well.
Sometimes I saw many of MTUTD fans supported Rajpracha and they enjoyed together.

5) Raj have played away from their real home ground this season and played at the Thunderdome instead. Why is this and how do fans feel about it?

A: Nonthaburi Provincial Stadium is under construction and improving for ready for football league competition. Most Raj fans is waiting to return back to real own stadium that they think they are.
Our team play at Thunderdome that really effect for local fans around our home ground.

6) What tactics do you think Rajpracha will play in this game? Who will be the key players for them?

A: I think we have to play carefully with the defensive approach and use counter attack style. MTUTD has many good skill players to threat us.
Did you know, few players of MTUTD is former players of Rajpracha when they were youngster.
My opinion, Raj key players for this match will be our foreign players (GK-Yen, DF-Dawuda, FW-Sylla).
They have strength and good techniques to resist the attacking game from MTUTD and we hope our striker will create a chance to turning this game.

7) Finally, do you have a prediction for the match?

A: Any result, I'm welcome. I just deeply hope Raj will pass to the final !!!


Thanks again to Nene for his time.

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