Saturday, 11 September 2010

Yaya interview

A special thanks to Erwin for translating this.

Yaya, you're the new golden boy of "The Buffalos"
Yes, it is a great honnour to me but the team is the most important.

You are very fast on the left wing!
Yes, it's my speciality, but the most important is the team and serving for the situation which is established.

How did an Ivorian end up in Thailand?
That's a long story but this is a good time to tell it:
In Thailand I was presented to Mr Procereur who is the director of the Thai team Muangthong United .He brought me into the team , and I have had many fabulous moments. He told me about KAA Ghent.

Réné Desayere was very enthusiastic about you, he described you as an extraordinary player!
Mr Réné is a great Manager! He came to me at the right moment and we always worked together productively! Thanks to him and to God that I could develop in Thailand!
Réné taught me about the Jupilat league and what I could expect at the Belgium Vice Champion and Cup Winner 2010, KAA Ghent.

Your role model is Gervinho?
He is also an Ivorian player and an example for any young, upcoming Ivorain player !

Next you'll play with Gent against Gervinho in the group phase of The Europa League!!
It's a big honor! I hope it will be an enjoyable game!

Thanks and much success.
No,no! I have to thank you!

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