Monday, 27 September 2010

Next up - Osotspa Saraburi M150

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The fixtures are rolling in thick and fast. As MTU come to terms with the draw at Pattaya, we must now prepare for the arrival of Osotspa Saraburi M150, hereafter referred to as "Saraburi" this Wednesday. I've left it too late to do a fan interview so here's all we know:

Saraburi are a long-established club that have also been in the top flight for a long time. They moved to Saraburi two years ago. They have been low scoring but efficient for most of this season. That record was out of the window last weekend however as they scored six past struggling Sisaket. Muangthong defeated Saraburi at their own ground three-nil. There are no new injuries that I've heard of so Rene should have a full strength side to choose from. A win would put us seven points clear of Chonburi who are now looking over their shoulders as Buriram trounced BG on their own (astro) turf at the weekend.

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  1. Why refer to them as 'Saraburi' when there is a separate Saraburi F.C playing in the RL? They are not Saraburi; they are Osotspa M-150 who happen to be currently playing in Saraburi. Just refer to them as M-150. It's shorter than Saraburi and more accurate.