Monday, 7 June 2010

Muangthong United 1 Pattaya United 0

It's best not to write a full report for this one. Credit to the Muangthong players who tried hard to play football under very difficult and provocative circumstances. Credit to both sets of fans for calming a situation that threatened to flare up in the second half and for saluting each other at the end.

Unfortunately today's game was an example of how a potentially exciting game of football can be totally destroyed by an incompetent, inconsistent and very weak minded official, and a set of players willing to use that to their advantage. It certainly highlights improvements and changes that need to be made.

I hope to have some pictures to come soon and an interesting question regarding penalties at the Thunderdome has been raised, I might blog about that later.


  1. I had a pretty good view at the penalty and I def think it wasnt one that should have been given.

    I agree, referreeing was very poor , not just because the penalty.

  2. actually I just saw the review and from there it looked like the penalty was justified

  3. Chatted after the game with Belgian coach René Desaeyere (I'm Belgian as well) and some other officials and they said it was definitely no penalty.

    Too difficult to see for me as I was at the other side in the away end.

    Any idea where to find the exact number of visitors to this game??

    Also have a look at: for some pictures.

    Cheers, Pat

  4. Thanks guys. There seems to be a real split of opinion over this penalty.