Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Interview with a fan - Tone (PEA Buriram)

Many thanks to Tone for taking the time to answer the questions and best wishes to him for finding a new job soon.


1) Could you tell us your name, what you do for work and how long have you supported PEA? Do you also support Buriram FC?

My nick name is Kung my Enlish friends called me Tony so Tony Kung not Tony Jaa...lol

I am studying in London and used to work as a chef but have no job at the moment.

I supported them since I went back last year then I saw the posters along the street and really surprised that how could this happened in Buriram.....THANKS TO NEWIN anyway but hate the BLUE...lol

I do support Buriram FC also because they are Buriram team.

2) The team has started with three draws and one win. Are the fans happy with that?

Not really for me especially in our home. We had so many chances to beat the others but we cant finished it, so I just little bit up sad...but better than lose!!

3) How do you and other fans feel about having Newin Chidchob as chairman?

I dont know about the others but for me I would say no matter who is the chairman if he can improve the town and the team to be better. Therefore, It would develop the town s economic and provide many job opportunities for local people.

I think it is good to be him if he really want to be because he has Buriram blood and Buriram is his hometown.

4) There is a wide belief that Newin has paid fans and players of Buriram FC and fans of PEA Buriram to travel to away games. Is it true? How do you and other fans feel about this?

I have no Idea about this because I am in the UK but I think if this is true it stills good benefits for the fans due to the following reasons:

1. As we know most local people in Buriram are farmer some time its difficult for them to go to another city.

2. Enjoying the game..and get paid....lol

5) How do Buriram fans feel about Muangthong United?

They are great team great players and great fans

6) Who is your favourite player in PEA Buriram?

Suchao Nuchnum (works hard every games)

7) What do you think the score will be on Wednesday?

Hopefully 1-2

8) Anything else you want to say?

It doesnt matter the score will be all I want to see is the improvment of Thai football .

Love Thai football



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